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Rip Kirby, My Little Runaway (September-December 1949)


This story guest-stars Rip. With him in it so little, I guess Honey’s five or six strips probably amount to a cameo. They’re just the entry into the actual story, which is a soapy bit about a long-lost mother and daughter being reunited. The secret relationship is obvious even before the glasses come off the mother, revealing she looks just like the daughter (or is it the other way).

But what the story does have—besides a basic, affable sense to it—is inky Raymond night scenes. More night scenes than any other Rip Kirby so far and they are glorious. Raymond’s black night, for the most part through a car window, is somehow completely full. It’s a beautiful sequence in the strips.

This story might have served better as a pilot for a soapy spin-off. All the characters have appeal.

It’s unexpected but perfectly good stuff.


Writer, Ward Greene; artist, Alex Raymond; publisher, King Features.

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