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Rip Kirby, Like Flies to Honey (January-May 1949)


Well, I got my wish and Honey’s back in Rip Kirby front and center. A young playboy has proposed to her and his family goes to Rip to break it up. Rip refuses, wanting to give Honey space to make her own decision (while internally conflict, of course).

They all end up at the family’s plantation in the South where the evil brother and mother conspire to break up the sort of happy couple.

Things should finish, after all the drama (a lot of localized action too), with Honey safely in Rip’s arms. Only she’s too conflicted over the events of the storyline and they’re maybe even more distant than when they started.

It’s strange to see Greene and Raymond manipulate and maybe I wouldn’t have reading it day to day, but this story’s just about quelling the Honey and Rip romance.

Hey, at least they’re not ignoring it anymore.


Writer, Ward Greene; artist, Alex Raymond; publisher, King Features.

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