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Rip Kirby, Bleak Prospects (October 1947-June 1948)


For whatever reason, Greene and Raymond push Honey off panel for this entire storyline—and it’s a long one, running almost eight months. Pagan returns, bringing with her a friend who ends up as Rip’s client. There are two parts to the storyline. First, finding the villain, a woman who pretends to foster child but really sells them. Then finding the child of Pagan’s friend, who’s already been sold.

Greene and Raymond delicately weave all the details—during the first part, the child’s new “parents” are in the supporting cast so the reader always has more information than the characters. It’s a large cast for this storyline too. Maybe eight new characters.

Most of the second half—and the resolution to the first, when I think about it—is action. It’s chase stuff, Rip just missing finding the kid or getting in a scrap.

It’s compelling, but Rip’s barely necessary.


Writer, Ward Greene; artist, Alex Raymond; publisher, King Features.

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  1. Good story, a nice book, but sadly ver bad reproduction of the strips. Cropped in the bottom and very bad “editing” of the “proofs”! I think Rip deserves better!!
    Stay away from these books if you are looking for good reprinted strips.

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