Spider-Man: Back in Quack 1 (November 2010)


This issue, one of Marvel’s smorgasbord of one shots, is actually a Steve Gerber tribute issue. The feature is Howard the Duck (meets Spider-Man) and the backup is Man-Thing. Not sure why Marvel didn’t advertise it better, other than they missed a good memorial period by two years.

Stuart Moore does a fine job on the feature, with Spider-Man discovering Howard and Bev have been brainwashed by these corporate bad guys. It’s all very anti-establishment, but in a broad way. Moore’s not being a rebel, he’s just posing as one. I wouldn’t even mention it if it weren’t for the Man-Thing backup. In it, Moore discusses the problems with deranged veterans coming home from overseas. The solution? Getting zapped by Man-Thing.

The pencils on the feature are split between Mark Brooks and Ray Height. Brooks is better. Joe Suitor does the backup; he’s bad.


Human Slavery for Beginners; writer, Stuart Moore; pencillers, Mark Brooks and Ray Height; inker, Walden Wong; colorist, Andres Mossa; letterer, Clayton Cowles. Fear and Mister Dayton; writer, Stuart Moore; artist and colorist, Joe Suitor; letterer, Dave Lanphear. Editors, Tom Brennan, Stephen Wacker and Tom Brevoort; publisher, Marvel Comics.

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