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Chronicles of Wormwood (2007) #1


Stop me if you’ve heard this one… Jesus and the Anti-Christ are sitting in a bar and….

And there’s the pitch for Chronicles of Wormwood.

While Ennis does, on occasional, embrace his readers in terms of giving them something not just profound and good but also entertaining, Wormwood takes it to another level. It’s funny, it’s sad, it’s contemporary. It’s got some filthy jokes and it’s got a talking bunny rabbit. It’s Garth Ennis talking about pop culture geeks and pop culture production.

I’ve read Wormwood before, of course, but I don’t think last time I realized how he’s talking about cable television shows and he’s basically creating the perfect property for it too.

Who wouldn’t want “Cheers,” only with Jay and Danny instead of Norm and Cliff?

The first person narration is what sells the comic. Ennis paces out all the exposition perfectly.

It’s an amazing comic book.

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