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Nancy in Hell (2010) #2


More than a third of this issue is a history of Lucifer in the Nancy in Hell universe. Torres raises some interesting points—Lucifer’s just a spoke in the wheel because he never had free will. It’s an interesting moment when he realizes no matter what he does, he can’t really make a decision for himself and so he can’t change his station.

Ryp’s history of Hell is his most successful art of the issue. Many of the pages are iconic, full-page spreads retelling a familiar story with a particular bent.

Then another third is spent on Nancy’s history. It’s a slasher movie without many of the gory parts. There’s some gore, but not mostly after the fact stuff. Unfortunately, Ryp uses some kind of digital inking in this section and it looks terrible.

The last part is the setup for next issue.

It’s okay, but sliding in quality.

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