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Joe the Barbarian (2010) #7


So, it’s been a little unclear—until now—how the present action unfolds in Joe the Barbarian. Since the kid is having a fit, it really shouldn’t matter if Morrison doesn’t make a big deal out of it.

But he finally does—the comic, running eight issues and costing about twenty bucks—takes place over about… eight minutes. Apparently, Morrison saw Inception and liked the way they figured dream-time so much, he adapted it for this one.

It’s hard to be serious about Joe the Barbarian because Morrison opens himself up for some many glib statements. It’s like The NeverEnding Story, if The NeverEnding Story sucked. I’m sure one can think of similar examples.

What’s most amusing about the issue—most of which is a battle scene—is how incapable Morrison is at writing war comics. He should have read some Ennis before attempting this one.

Still, great artwork.

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