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Joe the Barbarian (2010) #1


So why am I reading this comic? Morrison apparently forgets just having his name on a cover doesn’t make a book necessarily special or interesting; Joe the Barbarian is, after one issue, a perfect example of this situation.

It’s about a kid—probably in the UK—whose dad died in a war (he was a soldier), whose mom is busy with work and is bullied at school.

Again, so what?

He’s got a pet rat, which should make him particularly likable to me (a longtime pet rat owner) but the rat’s barely in it.

The issue ends with the kid having a psychotic break and imagining all his toys are alive (not the Batman though, I noticed). It ends there.

Sean Murphy does okay on the artwork, so I guess his mom probably likes the comic a lot, but otherwise….

It’s watching Morrison stoke his ego for twenty-two pages.

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