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Cinder and Ashe (1988) #4


Conway partially succeeds at getting a good finish for the series. He tries really hard and some of that trying hurts the issue. He does these alternating first person narration boxes; they’re well-intentioned and I have no idea another way he could have played the scene, but they don’t work. Luckily, he’s got Garcia-Lopez on the art and it at least gives the impression of being right.

Most of the issue is flashback stuff, recounting the lives of the characters once they got to the States from Vietnam. It’s all interesting backstory stuff, but it doesn’t jibe with the present action, which is basically an action issue. Maybe Conway needed more space.

The art is in some ways the best while also being the least ambitious of the series. Garcia-Lopez doesn’t have a lot of flashy content here, just story.

The series is a good, problematic effort.

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  1. It’s always interesting whether a pair of “classic” comics creators can bring home the goods once the yolk of publishers relaxes a bit. Can they have a successful, convincing go at something else besides superheroes? I’m sorry to say, I wasn’t collecting at this time and missed this one. It seems from your description like it could of easily fit into my collection. Lopez could draw bag ladies in sport cars and I would still love his work.. Thanks for the discovery.

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