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The Bulletproof Coffin (2010) #4


And they keep going. Hine and Kane add yet another layer or two to the book, making it nearly impossible to figure things out with maybe charting it.

With only two issues left now, I’m hoping they can pull off a good conclusion. The way they deal with cliffhangers—the series has them now—is nice. It gets resolved in the first third of an issue, then they build to the next one. In other words, they still have room to bring Bulletproof Coffin to a satisfying finish.

This issue also raises a couple other eventual possibilities for the series as an explanation (Hine and Kane seem like they are either going to explain everything or explain nothing… I can’t decide which I’d prefer).

Kane keeps the flashback art more appropriate this time, at least in terms of nudity. He’s basically just retelling and continuing last issue’s story.

Good stuff.

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