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Guns of the Dragon (1998) #3


I must have gotten used to Truman’s art because there’s nothing here I found particularly objectionable. It’s too bad he hurries on some faces and takes his time on others, but it’s generally fine. His dialect for Bat Lash is a little distracting though. I can’t believe he started it in the third issue, so I guess I just didn’t notice before.

This issue is all action again. The guys get away from the Japanese and the Communists (Truman’s unraveling the complicated politics–Miss Fear, a new addition to the cast, discovers Communists might not be China’s best choise) and mess around with more dinosaurs.

There’s another King Kong homage here, which is cute, and Truman sort of gives Enemy Ace some time to himself. There’s lots going on and little space (they’re on an island, after all), it can’t be too heavy.

But it’s good for what it is.

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