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Adventures in the Rifle Brigade (2000) #2


The lunacy continues. And maybe amplifies a little.

While the boys in the Rifle Brigade are being questioned by a busty SS woman, the regular army guy who caught them is bickering with the SS commander. Basically, Ennis just uses the structure to get in as many Nazi jokes as possible. There’s a beauty to his comic writing–especially the panel where, after the Rifle Brigade has inspired the entire prison to sing about the manly deficiencies of the Nazi Party leaders, a Brit in front of the firing squad gets off a bit of the chorus.

It’s somewhat hard to tell if the British are supposed to be foolish but stubbornly brave or just stubbornly brave. The only stupid Rifle Brigade member is the gay guy coming on to the captain again this issue.

Beautiful art from Ezquerra in what’s basically a talking heads issue.

Simply marvelous comedic work.

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