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Tom Strong (1999) #2


It’s the second issue and Moore’s confident enough he has the reader’s attention he doesn’t even bring Tom Strong in until the last five or six pages. And then it’s as something of a deus ex machina. It’s interesting how in the present action, Tom Strong is more thoughtful, when ten years before (in 1987), he’s more gung ho to do the action hero route. Knowing Moore there’s probably something to the difference.

Anyway, it’s another fine issue. Moore does a lot of jokes this issue (not even counting the bickering between Solomon and Pneuman). He’s got two goofball teenage boys who are hilarious. It’s not at all the kind of jokes I’d expect from Moore. Except they’re all well-written and succeed, so I guess they are Moore jokes.

Some very nice art, once again from Sprouse and Gordon. There’s a particularly nice one page action scene.

Again, excellent.

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