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Dark Horse Presents (1986) #143


It’s Yeates and Bissette doing a Tarzan issue… how bad can it be?

Not at all; it can’t be bad.

The story is split into three parts–the first features Tarzan exploring the Hollow Earth and thinking about his life, before he runs into some cannibals. Well, are they cannibals if they only eat other humanoids? They also eat each other. So they are cannibals. It’s an amusing buildup to that revelation.

The second part mostly has to do with Tarzan journeying with a Hollow Earth native. She’s trying to find a mythical island. This part is from her perspective so it’s never clear why Tarzan’s hanging out with her.

The final part, scripted by Bissette, is more action oriented. Tarzan goes into the Hollow Earth underworld and finds a malevolent tribe of creatures.

Beautiful artwork–it’s very strong overall.

Now I want to read more of Yeates’s Tarzan work.

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