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Supergirl (2005) #41


It’s another fast issue.

Gates doesn’t reveal all about Lucy Lane being Superwoman (she dies so I figure it’s safe to spoil) but it’s pretty clear Sam Lane was having his daughter murder people in order to frame Superman. Did Thunderbolt Ross ever go that far?

The problem with Supergirl so far is the villains, whether Lucy, Sam Lane, the supervillains this issue or Kara’s mom… is their one dimensional personalities. Gates is following the DC standard—being really mean and evil makes a great villain—and it hurts the book.

Also hurting the issue is the fill in art from Dagnino. Igle always goes far not to make his Supergirl appear silly or slutty, but Dagnino doesn’t have the same approach. She’s not really slutty, but his proportions are Liefeldian.

This issue would have worked a lot better without the cliffhanger, just to give the reader a slight break.

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