Thor: The Mighty Avenger 1 (September 2010)

Langridge’s approach is to make Jane Foster the lead, something I wasn’t expecting, but it makes perfect sense. Recasting Thor as a mute homeless guy (at least in her view) for half the issue was a little more questionable. As is the scene with Thor defending a woman’s honor against a ruffian… the joke, it turns out, is the ruffian is Mr. Hyde.

I’m not sure why I didn’t just assume Langridge knew what he was doing. Maybe because I’m not a Thor reader. But he and Samnee get something fantastic going here. I would never have said Samnee’s art was particularly “kid-friendly” before, but Mighty Avenger isn’t so much a kid-friendly title as just a revamp without cynicism. There’s no grim and gritty here.

The issue ends on a soft cliffhanger. Langridge and Samnee have already made the characters compelling, so it doesn’t need anything super-flashy.



A New Beginning for Thor, the Mighty Avenger!; writer, Roger Langridge; artist, Chris Samnee; colorist, Matthew Wilson; letterer, Rus Wooton; editors, Michael Horwitz and Nathan Cosby; publisher, Marvel Comics.

One Comment

  1. Vernon Wiley

    I guarantee you’ll shed a couple of tears for this one before it’s all over. snif-
    I’m not sure Jane’s the lead, but having her bear the weight of the focus in the first issue is quite the coup. I dare you to hold yourself to one issue a day for the rest of the run…Giant Man! Wasp! Warriors Three! Namor! Iron Man! Captain Britain! Fin Fang Foom! they’re all coming in the next seven issues!

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