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Strange Science Fantasy (2010) #6


How unfortunate.

Morse finishes up here (and has the series’s first dialogue no less) and it’s a disastrous wrap-up. For whatever reason, he felt the need to bring everything together for the final issue.

It opens as a crossover Indiana Jones and The Lost World, but only for a few pages. It soon turns in to some strange mix of Joe Versus the Volcano and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. There are aliens, there’s deception, it’s very confused. Morse has a lot of action going on, then he brings it back (out of the dinosaur and alien infested jungle) to civilization.

Where he has the big reveal of the issue and of the series.

Both fail miserably.

Morse’s had a lot of trouble keeping Strange Science Fantasy engaging and here, it’s like he just gives up.

Pope surrenders too, turning in an alternate cover instead of a conceptual retelling.

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