Dark Horse Presents 93 (January 1995)

This issue’s content implies the Presents editors didn’t care about the script, as long as the art was good. It’s a real improvement, actually, since there are some issues whether neither are any good.

I’ll start with Blackheart to get it out of the way. Morrison uses demonic possession as his deus ex machina here. Real creative. However, he does go and say FDR’s government during the New Deal supported racist paramilitary organizations. I don’t think Morrison’s doing it for effect, I think he’s just an idiot. Great Quitely art though.

LaBan’s Eno and Plum has some excellent, carefully done cartooning. Too bad the script is inane slacker with rich girl stuff. I do like the bad guy has a butt for a chin. But the script’s awful.

As for Wheeler’s Too Much Coffee Man… he tries to inject narrative. It fails. Again, some nice design, but a terrible script.


Eno and Plum, Part One; story and art by Terry LaBan. Blackheart, Part Three; story by Robbie Morrison; art by Frank Quitely; lettering by Clem Robbins. Too Much Coffee Man, Too Much Coffee Man Meets His Coffee Maker, Part Two; story and art by Shannon Wheeler. Edited by Bob Schreck and Edward Martin III.

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