Dark Horse Presents 76 (August 1993)

Madwoman sort of whimpers off to its end. Jordorowsky tries to do way too much–he introduces two new characters and kind of changes up the point of the story. He also introduces the possibility its all about getting a drug princess out of jail. It doesn’t even have a solid ending, instead making a joke about the protagonist’s sexual promiscuity. It’s a weak finish… but the art from Moebius is good.

The Chairman finishes up too. Moore introduces more characters and major plot point. It’s exceptionally poorly written. All I can think is the editor knew Moore personally. Robinson’s art continues to be bad.

However, the issue opens with Hermes versus the Eyeball Kid, which is a delight. Campbell is having fun this entire first installment. It’s funny but there’s also his delicate plotting–Campbell sets up the many characters with complex relationships. He’s off to a great start.


Hermes versus the Eyeball Kid, Part One; story and lettering by Eddie Campbell; art by Campbell and Peter Mullins. The Chairman, Part Three; story by Charles Moore; art by Andrew Robinson; lettering by Pat Brosseau. The Madwoman of the Sacred Heart, Part Seven; script by Alexandro Jordorowsky; art by Moebius; lettering by Dave Cooper. Edited by Randy Stradley.

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