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Dark Horse Presents (1986) #75


Another mediocre issue.

DeLint and Vess’s Savoy story, about a woman masquerading as a highway robber to confirm her man’s fidelity, ought to be a lot better. Vess has some great panels, but he occasionally will have some indiscernible action sequences. With DeLint writing a “ballad,” he doesn’t exactly make things clear. Once the narrative clears up, it’s a lot better. But never anything special.

The Chairman is even worse this installment than the first. Moore apparently feels the reader doesn’t need any introduction to the new characters this time–and Robinson doesn’t make anyone look different, so it’s a miserable eight pages. Every time I feel like I’m being hard on it, Moore’s writing gets even worse. Not to mention the concept–sort of Dune with the Catholic Church–is idiotic.

This issue features one of the good Madwoman installments. It continues to be a roller coaster of quality.

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