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Dark Horse Presents (1986) #62


Maybe what Miller needs for Sin City is a full issue.

This issue, dedicated to Marv finishing up all the villains–I wonder if Miller intentionally gave his psychotic cannibal a harmless name like Kevin or if there’s some backstory to it–and getting executed, is nearly reasonable.

The opening is a disaster, with lots of the Miller narration, but there’s actual humor in the issue, like when Marv crawls into bed with the girl. Miller has some extra lazy moments with art here, though no more than usual.

The issue works because of Marv’s likability. It’s all contrived and really stupid, but he’s genuinely likable. Not too sure it’s believable he’s a virgin until this point.

The conclusion also requires Marv to be unreasonably stupid (to leave his mom in danger, unbelievable)….

But it’s not as bad as I would’ve assumed a full issue of Sin City to be.

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