Tron 1 (January 2011)

I couldn’t resist. The idea is just too strange–a comic book adaptation of a twenty-eight year-old movie (yes, I know, IDW does these things, but this release is from Marvel)–and with Peter David writing. Whatever his problems, David is a far better writer than Tron writer Steven Lisberger.

So how is Tron as a comic book? Better than as a movie.

There’s only so much David can do, of course.

He retains a lot of the dialogue and about thirty percent of it is so bad it doesn’t even work in comic form. But most of David’s third-person narration works; it even feels like he’s writing a classic movie adaptation… though he wasn’t even working in comics in 1982, I don’t think.

Artist Pierfederici is also problematic. He’s way too glossy to be retro, but not design-oriented enough for it to be anything different.


Writer, Peter David; artist and colorist, Mirco Pierfederici; letterer, Nate Piekos; editor, Ralph Macchio; publisher, Marvel Comics.

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