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Dark Horse Presents (1986) #51


I’m having trouble figuring out the big deal with Sin City. I mean, it looks cool and all, but isn’t Marv on the run from the cops a lot like that issue of “Batman: Year One” with the Batman running from the cops. The narration’s overbearing and all… but it’s fine as a stupid diversion. It’s relentlessly unrealistic.

Unfortunately, Harlequin wraps up this issue. Gaudiano tries out three different styles, all to great success. He introduces more design to his work here and it’s very successful. Csutoras comes up with a great close for the story (it seems to be paced more as a play or maybe a short film). Either way, it’s fantastic and I’m sad it’s over.

After a couple decent stories, Heartbreakers is back to the crap pile. Guinan’s art is still decent, but the writing is weak. It’s action-oriented, exactly what Bennett doesn’t do well.

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  1. Sadly, Frank Miller either gave up after Dark Knight or just went into a navel gazing dimension. Can’t say any of Sin City ever impressed me, and the first volume was the best, whatever that entails. Seems that after the movie money started rolling in, he became disconnected with what a good story requires. His art suffers horrendously as well, having neither craft or patience of control with technique. One look at the lettering is pretty much all you need to know.

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