The Immortal Iron Fist (2007) #14


This issue basically brings Brubaker and Fraction’s story to its finish (Brubaker leaves after this one, Fraction hangs around for a little coda then is off). It’s an outstanding issue, both fantastic on its own and as a conclusion to the story arc. Brubaker and Fraction have more pages here and the issue shows they probably should have had this kind of room the entire time.

Aja is gone at this point, so it’s up to Kano and Zonjic (I didn’t even notice Mann’s pages) and they do a great job. As Wendell Rand’s story comes to an end quietly with him finding Orson, Danny gets to do these awesome stunts. It’s all very Star Wars, something Fraction hasn’t been able to do in a while and it’s fantastic. There’s just tons of spectacle and humor.

The writing makes this issue mainstream perfection.

Even Davos’s redemption works.

It’s simply fantastic.

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