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The Invincible Iron Man (2008) #12


I can’t help but wonder if Fraction is plotting out this story line based on The Empire Strikes Back. He splits up his triumvirate, gives each their own challenges–this issue being the Han Solo in carbonite issue (Pepper gets arrested, Maria gets captured by the Controller).

Fraction once again fails to give the reader necessary information. Namor’s the big guest star this issue (Pepper’s dealing with an out of control plane à la Superman Returns and Maria has the Controller’s drones). Namor’s fighting Iron Man like it’s 1962. Fraction doesn’t give any explanation for why Namor’s buddies with Norman Osborn, why he’s mad at Tony Stark… nothing.

Does it have to do with Civil War or Secret Invasion? Marvel does how many crossovers a year? A thinking person cannot be expected to kill brain cells reading them.

Fraction’s writing ability makes Iron Man excel, but it gets frustrating sometimes.

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