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The Sixth Gun (2010) #3


A couple things.

First, the girl doesn’t have a name yet. They would have mentioned it this issue.

Second, Bunn’s pacing. He does the same thing this issue–dense first three-quarters, fast ending. It might just be accelerating to raise tension for a cliffhanger, but in this issue, I was surprised where they finished. It felt like it needed one more page of explanation.

Hurtt’s got some really lovely panels this issue, very little ones in some cases. He uses a lot of sound effects titles here, beautifully rendered. The book would be worth picking up regardless of story.

Speaking of story, Bunn’s plot improves here. Well, maybe it doesn’t improve so much as not do the obvious, bad things I was dreading. The series has a particular pace–Bunn is taking his time with revelations, so they all need to be worth it.

Lovely Monument Valley sequence too.

It’s excellent work.

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