Battlefields (2010) #3

B2010 3

Well, Ennis gets to the rough stuff here. But he still handles it calmly and affably for the beginning, then once the event occurs, it’s rather touching. To this point, Battlefields has been pretty extraordinary and different, whether in plot details or characters. This arc is the first one where Ennis just sits down and tells a traditional war story–not too traditional, of course, the dead guy didn’t have a girlfriend to cry over him.

It’s a very sure piece of writing. Ennis always seems sure of himself, but this arc is a little different. There’s no hook. There’s nothing different about it to get a reader’s interest. It feels very comfortable and not in a bad way. Makes me wish Battlefields was a monthly.

However, something’s off with Holden this issue. His faces are too broad, which hurts during the two talking heads scenes.

Still, a great comic.

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  1. Vernon Wiley

    I think this is the mini where Ennis wants us all to learn to sing war songs. On other fronts, the look at pilot life kept my interest. These guys were probably the ones that had the most death defying job during the war, yet were given what was perhaps the best down time quarters and recreational space of any soldiers I’ve seen depicted in comics. Utterly fascinating stuff by Ennis, and while there don’t seem to be any blood curling moments, its plain to him that these guys deserve just as much attention and respect as other services during the war. It’s truly scary how young these guys were and the duty that was asked of them. Great read.

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