Daytripper (2010) #6


Moon and Bá continue changing things up, as Daytripper has passed the halfway point. This issue is set after the first, but before the oldest–Brás is thirty-three and he’s not the focus of the first third of the comic. Instead, Moon and Bá do some brief setup of what’ll be his death, then flashback a month to show this terrible plane incident.

Except Brás isn’t in the initial flashback. It takes him so long to get into the issue, I wondered if they had made even more drastic changes.

Here, either married or at least living with the girlfriend who he ends up marrying, Brás is a lot more recognizable as the protagonist from the first few issues. He’s struggling with his job, not to tolerate it, but to do it. His best friend has disappeared and it’s weighing on him.

It’s a fantastic issue, some lovely moments.