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Air (2008) #3


Once again, Wilson has some really significant pacing problems. I imagine she thinks the reader immediately finds her details as interesting as she does, but the reader is just hearing about them or seeing something briefly related to them. They make very little impression.

It’s like she doesn’t quite know how to add personality when writing a comic book. Instead, she overloads on everything else. I don’t think it’s to compensate, but her approach gives that impression. Having a lot of detail doesn’t make something successful. It just means you have a lot of detail (or, in the case of Air, the appearance of detail).

All those statements made, this issue is quite good. The pacing is still off, Wilson not giving the reader time to enjoy any of Perker’s artwork, which is improving.

It also feels like her first story arc should be done this issue, but it isn’t.

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