Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier (2010) #4


Well, thanks for the heads up guys, I thought you were being artsy with the hologram shield, a little Googling reveals it’s an energy shield… which makes no sense, since if it’s implanted in Steve’s hand, unless it’s grafted to the bone, getting de-powered last issue would probably have effected his physiology. But whatever.

The last issue has some issues. Like why do I like the android who sacrifices herself for Steve as a love interest more than Sharon Carter–not to mention Eaglesham. It’s like he and Brubaker’s take on Steve Rogers is cross purpose. Eaglesham draws him like an overgrown mimbo, but Brubaker characterizes him as anything but.

There’s not a lot of narration this issue–to keep the ending a surprise–and I missed it.

Also, the surprise ending is a little goofy. It kind of invalidates a lot of struggle, which is realistic, but unsatisfying.

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  1. Vernon Wiley

    I love your “Brubaker” definition. Also, this is the SECOND time Steve’s had a “romantic” relationship with an android. Robert Kirkman actually had him SLEEP with one during his fill in arc. At the end of that story, the dying android professes it’s love for him, but at the same time, I can’t believe he’s not thinking, “Man, I put my junk in there!” At least, that’s the first thing that would come to MY mind……