Unknown Soldier (2008) #14


In some ways, this issue is one of Unknown Soldier’s least depressing–Paul gets a good ending (at least for this issue) and Moses gets a chance at some relief. But it’s somehow even more depressing, because Dysart gives Moses this chance to reflect, to think about himself and what he has done and will do.

It’d actually make a great end to the series, because it’s so open. I know there’s another issue but even with that knowledge, the issue is still rough. Even with all the terrible things Dysart shows, the hardest parts of Unknown Soldierare when the reader gets to empathize with Moses, when the series becomes grounded in the reader’s reality.

This issue, in a few pages, is incredibly powerful. Without trying, Dysart and Masioni are pushing the limit of how affecting a comic book–which is comfortable in its artifice–can be.

It’s profound.

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  1. vernon wiley

    This series unendingly dark progress, while true to life and very well executed, has only one direction to go in, and that’s the sad thing about it. I watched reader after reader abandon it because of it’s depresiing premise. There are some pacing difficulties later when Moses becomes involved with a particular village, but it’s overall despair just couldn’t gain it newer readers. It is a shame, because those that were strong enough to hang on got a comic that delivered on many fronts. As we get to it’s conclusion, I can’t help but wonder how Dysatrt will finish all this and keep the integrity he’s pushing for. I’m staying tuned in, bacause after all this, I just can’t help but to.

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