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Aliens (1988) #2

Aliens88 2

The second issue is, generally, fine. Verheiden tries to fit way too much in and his use of Hicks as a narrator is problematic (Hicks is very well-spoken for someone who didn’t talk in the movie much… maybe he just read a lot and kept to himself). The art becomes a bit of an issue, however.

Nelson is great at the alien art. He’s great at showing these disgusting nightmare images with the aliens and not having it by revolting. It’s just creepy and gross and he does it very well.

It’s a shame he doesn’t draw human figures particularly well. His figures all seem too short, with their proportions off. Not exaggerated, just off.

There’s really no alien stuff in the comic until the last page or so (it’s a reveal), so it’s impressive Verheiden can keep it engaging.

The details are a tad contrived, but it works.

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