Batman (1940) #344


Oh, neat, Colan and Janson are a regular team? My only complaint about the synthesis is some of the close-up panels–sometimes they’ve got all the Colan detail to faces, sometimes they don’t.

The story is solid enough except Conway has one thing he never explains–Batman keeps showing up to haunt Poison Ivy and no one else can see him. I was expecting some revelation of a hypnotic suggestion (to counter the one she’s had Bruce under for about six issues), but there’s nothing. The issue just ends with Dick Grayson coming back to the Gotham and some of the mayoral issues being resolved.

While Conway does end some story lines (Robin being away, the mayoral candidate being after Batman), he raises more new questions here than he answers of the old ones.

While it’s a little loose (everything is very neatly resolved), but it’s a solid issue.

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