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Batman (1940) #340


The cover announces Gene Colan on art, so does the title page, so obviously DC wanted to sell him on the book. But then why did they put him with Gonzales on inks? It barely even looks like Gene Colan. All the detail in the faces, for example, is gone. Except in close-ups and those are the best panels.

In this issue, Batman fights the Mole. I don’t think the Mole ever makes a return appearance. These eighties books seem intent on creating new villains who never get invited back. The issue does have some potential–at one point it’s an old dark house thriller at Wayne Manor with Colan art and that combination works, even with the inking problems.

Thomas clearly wrote some of the dialogue. It’s very expository in a way Conway doesn’t write expository dialogue. Some of its rather goofy.

It’s forgettable, but probably worth the sixty cents.

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