Battlefields: The Tankies (2009) #2


Oh, it’s lovely.

Ennis has something of a narrative tree going here–he has his main story with the tankies, but then he’s got command’s story. Command’s story has a little to do with the tankies, but not much. It has it’s own subplot. I think maybe half the issue has nothing to do, immediately, with the story of the tank company.

So, instead, there’s the large picture of the situation and then this one tank moving through it, with Ennis moving back and forth.

Tank stories–the ones I’ve read or the films I’ve seen–are intimate, because it’s just a handful of guys in a tank. Ennis maintains that intimacy–sometimes for relieving humorous effect–while still having this wider picture. I’m not sure it’s important we remember anyone’s name, since they’re so memorable for appearance or behavior.

It’s Battlefields‘s most traditional war story so far–a so.

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