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Spider-Man: Fever (2010) #3


What a nice finish. I’m not sure if Spider-Man and Dr. Strange have any real comics history between them–besides being New York heroes who traditionally weren’t members of the Avengers–but McCarthy makes it seem like they ought to.

Even with the discrepancies in the colloquialisms–one panel Spidey’s using seventies slang, then sixties in the next (or vice versa), it’s a very nice finish.

When I say nice, I don’t just mean well-executed. For all the sinister magic and the soul-devouring, the story’s upbeat and friendly.

The series finishes well for Spidey and Dr. Strange, but McCarthy also introduces a solid supporting cast (who help the two). The setting is hard to define–it’s sort of like the insect realm, but it’s also magical–so a spinoff might be difficult.

It’s so nice to see Marvel publishing an interesting comic.

Too bad it didn’t sell.

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