Stumptown 4 (August 2010)

The last page of this issue threatens more Stumptown in a really cute way. It’s on the movie theater marquee, with letters missing.

I say threatens because I’ll probably read it and not enjoy it and not get anything out of it.

I think I thought of about six ways private investigator could have gotten the bad guy in trouble. She doesn’t think of any of them. She even has a monologue where she explains how she’s a complete loser.

Apparently Rucka missed the part of the detective story where the seeming loser of a private investigator proves he or she capable in this one very important–to him or her, maybe not the world as a whole–case.

Sure, it’s theatrical and melodramatic, but we’re talking about a theatrical and melodramatic genre. I know Stumptown sold terrible, but it’d have sold worse if it’d been realistic.

Until next time….


The Case of the Girl Who Took Her Shampoo but Left Her Mini, Part Four; writer, Greg Rucka; artist, Matthew Southworth; colorists, Rico Renzi and Southworth; editors, Jill Beaton, Charlie Chu and James Lucas Jones; publisher, Oni Press.

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