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Detective Comics (1937) #503


Now there’s a done-in-one. Wow. Conway fits a ton into the issue, which boils down to another poisoned Batman goes after the Scarecrow story, but with all sorts of decoration. It opens with Batman–Bruce mooning over Selina no less–going about his routine. He gets a mysterious dart shot at him and strange things start happening.

Well, as everyone’s going nuts over Batman, Conway brings in the Scarecrow (he shot the dart). Then Conway brings in Robin and Batgirl to investigate and fight the Scarecrow. Batman has to save them, but all of it requires a whole bunch of plotting. And Conway doesn’t cheap on the introductions–he spends time introducing each development.

The result is a rather pleasing read. Yeah, sure, Conway’s got Newton on the art so it’s magnificent looking, but that plotting is the real star.

The conclusion’s somewhat weak, but Conway doesn’t seem to be writing for it.

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