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The Walking Dead (2003) #4


Ah ha, now we’re getting somewhere. Rick’s wife got busy with the evil friend–Shane–while Rick was laid out in a hospital bed in a coma. Unfortunately, Rick’s just going to forgive her without any drama, but hopefully Kirkman will give her the chance to do it again.

Can you tell I don’t like Rick’s wife?

But it’s also this issue where Kirkman introduces his first original zombie idea, which is a good one–and a little late, he could have done it first issue right after his 28 Days Later homage. The zombies attack by smell, specifically the lack of it. Rick and Glenn (his name isn’t Short Round after all) slather themselves in zombie stink and go gun shopping. Good stuff. Kirkman even had me thinking Glenn might die.

As far as the art, Moore has yet to make an impression on me. It’s competently illustrated, but kind of underwhelming.

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