The Invincible Iron Man (2008) #7


This issue starts off terrible. Fraction uses three narrators–Ben Urich, Tony Stark and Peter Parker–and it’s a rough fit. Well, maybe not with Tony and Peter, that transition is actually, pretty smooth. But the Ben Urich narration? With Fraction capitalizing every proper noun to show EMPHASIS?

It’s horrific.

But the story isn’t bad. There’s a lot of content, with a lot of action scenes. Well, there’s some silly stuff about the story–Iron Man and Spidey team up to hunt down black market super-arms dealers… and Fraction skirts over why such a hunt makes any sense following the last arc. It doesn’t.

The issue’s particularly confusing now, because it’s set during Civil War, before Peter reveals his identity… but there’s no blurb placing the story. I guess it didn’t need it at publication date.

Oh, and Larroca’s people art–his Spider-Man too–is lousy beyond description.

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