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The Invincible Iron Man (2008) #5


Well, this issue’s pretty lousy.

Not much in the way of people in it–mostly just Iron Man versus Iron Monger Jr.–so Larroca does all right. The fight scene isn’t exactly exciting or engaging, but it’s a competent action scene.

But the writing–not even the entire issue, just the end–is awful.

See, if Tony Stark’s supposed to be a genius and is supposed to know what Zeke Stane is doing… he should be better prepared.

And all Tony Stark’s prepared for in this issue is to get his butt kicked and set Zeke up for one of the lamest cliffhanger lines I’ve ever read. This issue is a lot like the first in the series, with Fraction’s “movie” writing appealing to the least intelligent reader (or is it viewer) in the audience.

Again, I’m back to counting down to this story arc ending.

It’s getting rather tiresome.

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