Dracula: The Company of Monsters 1 (August 2010)

Dracula, as a vampire (at least, how he usually looks as a vampire), appears on the cover of this comic book.

He does not appear, as a vampire, in the interior.

Instead, we follow Evan. Evan is a naive blue blood whose evil multi-national corporation is going to resurrect Dracula. I didn’t learn the resurrection part from this comic book, however, I learned it from an interview about this comic book. Or maybe a press release. One of the two.

There are some neat ideas here. Well, one.

What if Dracula came back today–but without the Bram Stoker history under his belt. At least, that scenario is what I assume is going to happen because, you guessed it, the issue doesn’t make it clear.

Gregory is a novelist… but Dracula certainly doesn’t make me want to anything else he’s written. His characters are weak and the narration’s awful.


Writer, Daryl Gregory; artist, Scott Godlewski; colorist, Stephen Downer; letterer, Johnny Lowe; editor, Dafna Pleban; publisher, Boom! Studios.

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