Agents of Atlas (2006) #6

Agents of atlas 2007 6

Parker ends Agents of Atlas with M-11. It’s very appropriate since he’s been the biggest mystery of the series and to the team members. There’s something incredibly tragic and beautiful about the character; Parker goes for it and succeeds.

It’s too bad M-11 couldn’t carry a limited of his own.

The issue itself, setting Jimmy and the team up as Atlas, is a talking heads book. There’s action and layered narrative, so it doesn’t seem like a talking heads book… but it is one.

The big surprise is a surprise, even with the hints, the main one–which would have occurred in the original adventures of the team–isn’t present. Parker constructs not just a great ending and perfect setup for future issues, he creates a space where he can just let the characters talk to each other.

It’s a fantastic issue, a perfect close to the limited series and even more.

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  1. vernon wiley

    These six books, (and the subsequent Atlas books that followed), put Parker on the map. That Marvel couldn’t get behind these enough publicity wise is testimony to the sad state of affairs today of the big two. Agents of Atlas was perhaps the most successful comic series Marvel had done lately in terms of aesthetics, and certainly one of only a few properties they had control to develop from a media standpoint. What a sad state of affairs…

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