Green Arrow (1983) #4


Wow, what a weak ending. The issue is mostly action, which makes it completely different than the previous three. And it’s weak action with an absurdly weak bad guy. But weak or not, Green Arrow still needs to bring in Black Canary and some CIA agent (they quickly and inexplicably disappear) because he can’t handle the pirate guy alone.

Seriously, the big bad guy who gets at least a ten page fight scene is a pirate. It’s so lame, Green Arrow mocks it in the narration.

So the issue is atrocious on that front, but it doesn’t get any help from von Eeden’s crazy approach to action illustrating. He spends more time establishing something explodes than showing where the object is in relation to the characters. It’s impossible to follow.

The mystery’s resolution, once Barr remembers it, isn’t nearly worth the price of admission.

It’s a very disappointing last issue.

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