Spider-Man / Human Torch 2 (April 2005)

Now, this issue doesn’t have the same coloring problems as the first. It has different ones, but they’re far less garish, thank goodness.

This issue, for the most part, is a Human Torch issue. He and Spidey swap jobs for the day. Spidey messes up the Fantastic Four’s scientific exploration while the Torch takes on Kraven and some drug dealers. Slott bookends the issue with Johnny hanging out Peter and the gang–this issue is set jut before Flash Thompson ships out and… wow, does Slott write the characters well. Even though Johnny has a bigger part throughout, nothing compares to the attention Slott gives the Spider-Man cast.

Templeton does a great job with the three facets–the mundane reality, Johnny’s Kraven adventure and the Fantastic Four sci-fi stuff. His Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy beg for a series of their own.

My only question’s Captain Stacy–did he know Peter was Spider-Man?


Catch You On the Flipside; writer, Dan Slott; penciller, Ty Templeton; inkers, Nelson DeCastro and Tom Palmer; colorist, Felix Serrano; letterer, Dave Lanphear; editors, Andy Schmidt, Stephanie Moore, Molly Lazer and Tom Brevoort; publisher, Marvel Comics.

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