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7 Psychopaths (2010) #2


I wish they’d included a guide to the characters. I’m totally lost except the old guy and handful of others. I mean, I can’t remember their distinctive characteristics either. So there’s a problem….

Otherwise, it’s decent. I suppose this issue really had to establish whether 7 Psychopaths was going to be a decent limited series or something special. It’s decent and not at all spectacular.

This issue, focusing on more selection, training, brief (and eventually false) camaraderie among the cast, isn’t as full as the first. It reads very quickly, even if it confuses while doing so.

The most significant character–besides the old man, whose name I cannot spell without looking it up–is the woman. She’s a sniper too, but her being an awesome sniper isn’t important this issue; what’s important this issue is she’s a woman. Vehlmann needed some drama, he used her.

So, lazy… but decent.

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