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Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #16


Recasting Kraven as a reality TV boob might have been one of Bendis’s greatest achievements (so far) in Ultimate Spider-Man. It just works perfectly.

But this issue really isn’t about Kraven, it’s about some lead-up to stuff. The time Bendis takes to create “cinematic” scenes… it sort of wastes pages, yes, but it also makes the characters a lot more endearing. And as one who’s never been wholly impressed with Mark Bagley… it says a lot Bendis’s dialogue can pull off the scene, for example, between Gwen and her father. Gwen who looks, under Bagley’s pencil, about as old as her father.

Peter’s short, so Peter seems younger.

Speaking of Peter, Bendis addresses the Gwen thing here… a little. Peter isn’t taken with her–he describes her as weird here or something along those lines.

Too bad he didn’t look at her, in the previous issues, that way.

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