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Batman: Cacophony (2009) #2


There’s some really problematic art this issue. I feel kind of bad pointing it out (it happens regularly throughout the issue) since this issue is even better than the first. Smith opens it with narration. I can’t remember the last time I read a Batman comic with so much opening narration. It’s wonderful.

There’s a lot of enthusiasm here–both with Smith’s writing and Flanagan’s art. There are a couple panels where Flanagan seems to be going for a Michael Keaton look to Batman’s expression–and then there’s a slightly more obvious Dark Knight joke regarding the Joker and the character’s recent changes.

Smith doesn’t have any guest stars this issue, though he finally does a funny pop culture conversation and, more importantly, brings in Alfred.

Smith really ought to be writing a Batman monthly. I know it’s not feasible with his slow writing… but it’d be a good comic.

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