Terminal City (1996) #5

Tc05 4k

Maybe I’m off a little about how Motter is plotting these issues. This issue is far more gradual than if it’d been the second part of a new minor arc. Instead, it’s Motter introducing new problems and resolving old.

It’s so strange how he plots the book–it’s a character drama amid these fantastic settings and situations.

This issue gives Lark some even crazier subjects than last time–a guy boxing with an ape, for example. Motter’s got a real gift in making these looney situations seem reasonable. And it’s exactly the kind of thing one wouldn’t think Lark could draw. But he does, perfectly.

I’m still iffy on some of the character names, especially for spelling some of them, but the large cast is entirely recognizable thanks to Lark.

Motter and Lark make one not want the issue to end, much less the series. The comic is just great.

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