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Ghostdancing (1995) #3


For the first time, Delano just writes an issue–meaning there’s no crazy illuminati explanations this time around. Instead, it’s just an issue. And it’s a good comic book.

The potential finally starts to be fulfilled here, with the coyote guy meeting up with the comic’s messiah figure (who just happens to get a romantic interest as well). Delano layers the issue, showing some of their adventures in the present action, then having some of them shown as others discuss them.

The comic finally feels like Delano is enjoying writing it, instead of just presenting information to the reader.

Unfortunately, the better writing made

me pay more attention to the artwork, the first time so far.

Richard Case’s work here is mediocre at best. He’s frequently lazy with proportions and his work has a cramped feel to it.

I’m a little wary as Delano has to eventually sort the book.

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